Success stories from clients who have used our service
Over the years, I’ve suffered terrible anxiety, the episodes would stem from days to weeks and sometimes months. I decided I needed to do something about ‘it’. After talking to my therapist, she instantly put me at ease, she was professional thorough and immensely knowledgeable. The therapy sessions were over FaceTime, this was personal and worked wonderfully. The hypnotherapy recording was fantastic, not only relaxing, I felt free of anxiety. Thanks to Resilience Counselling Network.

(October 2017 – Female, aged 35-44)


I reached out to resilience counselling because I was at an all time low in my life. I had recently need diagnosed with depression which was hard to deal with, had also been involved in a car crash and this made me exceptionally frustrated. I found the counsellor  to be very helpful, professional and felt like she was there at any time I needed to make contact. It was reassuring  to have somebody at the other end of an email to hear my worries. Thank You so so much.

(September 2017 – Female, aged 25-34)


My counsellor has been amazing and has really helped me to understand my issues. I will recommend the service to anyone who may need something like it.

(August 2017 – Female, aged 45-54)


I came to Resilience Counselling Network completely broken. I had been bullied at work and left with no job, no self-esteem, I was completely lost. Even the smallest of tasks seemed impossible. Resilience Counselling Network helped me explore what had really happened, it wasn’t easy but step by step I got my strength back. Now when I see corporate jealousy, I know what it is and can spot it, I wear my emotions less, I look after myself emotionally. I still have pangs of anxiety but nothing like it was. Don’t think twice, if life has given you lemons, and you don’t know which way to turn, get help from Resilience Counselling Network, It works.

(Female, aged 35-44)


I was very happy to receive counselling from my therapist.  In the first half hour I felt so much of my experience had been validated!  She talked about having a point of reference when there is so much chaos around you and it is difficult to make sense of things and relationships!  We discussed faith and interpretations of text that are taken out of context to manipulate a situation!  She helped bring clarity to this!  We talked about managing difficult relationships and how to respond to these challenges, understanding when a relationship can become toxic and unhelpful!  I would recommend Resilience Counselling Network.  It is confidential and gentle!

(July 2017 – Female, aged 45-54)


Resilience Counselling Network has helped me with an issue I had for many years. I found my therapist from the first session very understanding, and she very quickly was able to know where I was coming from, and was able to help me identify the issue and let me know how she proposed to help me. She also tailored the sessions to how many I wanted. She was very supportive, caring and understanding, and I found her way of working got to the core of the issue and really addressed it. She has helped me and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her. I would definitely use Resilience Counselling Network again if I feel the need. My therapist as Resilience Counselling Network was an excellent therapist, understanding, supportive, caring, and I felt she really was really committed to helping me, and I have no hesitation in recommending them highly.

(Male, aged 35-44)


I attended counselling with Resilience Counselling Network and found the service to be exceptional. My therapist had a warm, engaging personality that instantly put me at ease. She was excellent at knowing the right questions to ask and ensuring I looked within myself for the answers. The service I received was very clear and precise and I took something away from all of my sessions. My therapist was a huge assistance to me at a time when I was searching for a lot of answers. I would highly recommend Resilience Counselling Network without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a warm, friendly, empathetic and downright excellent counselling service.

(Female, aged 18-25)


I’ve used this service to help me through some challenging times. Resilience Counselling Network helped me to understand what I was feeling and why, and to understand why it was impacting on my life. My therapist also gave me the foundations to build on and to help reduce the chances of lapsing back.

(Male, aged 45-54)


I came to Resilience Counselling Network initially because I needed counselling hours for my course. I really didn’t think I needed counselling and wasn’t sure what to talk about. After the first session it was evident that I had so much I could work on and felt immediately relaxed and comfortable. The space I felt was safe for me to explore my feelings. Through me sessions I experienced a traumatic event and I was so grateful to have my therapist to talk to. I was able to share my true feelings. Ultimately I feel my time with Resilience Counselling helped immensely. I would highly recommend Resilience Counselling Network.

(Female, aged 35-44)