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Counselling children and adolescents through trauma or volatile familial relationships is essential to the healthy emotional development of that individual.

There seems to be a myth, which is still prevalent amongst adults; that children are resilient, they will get over it, and they will manage. Yes, they are resilient, but how will they get over it and how will they manage without the chance to express their emotions and thoughts.

Supressing emotions, teaches children that being emotional is not allowed; so emotions are not allowed. Will that child grow up hiding their emotions and not talking to anyone about the things that actually upset them or will he grow up able to express emotions in a healthy manner, respecting both himself and the other person he’s talking to?

Not speaking about a loved one who’s died in front of a child, could send the message that once you’ve died, you’re forgotten. This could lead to a fear of processing death and grieving properly in later life, as the individual is scared of forgetting their loved one.

Allowing children to stay and be raised in domestic abuse, be it physical or emotional, can normalise the abuse; the children will then use that relationship as a reference point of a normal relationship.

Protecting our children from pain, is a normal extinct in us, but over protection can sometime have a contrary effect. We work with children from 11years upwards, using creative tools and techniques to help them communicate and work through their emotions and fears. Video counselling allows children the opportunity of having therapy in the privacy of their own homes, and it gives parents the peace of mind that their child is safe and secure at home.

We have experienced therapists that have worked with children in schools as well as in their homes. If you feel that your child may benefit from some Creative Therapy or someone to talk to, please contact us for your free consultation.

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