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Most people think they can manage their emotions and thoughts by blocking them, burying them, or controlling them by sheer will power alone. Counselling is about allowing yourself to open up and look at the boxes of emotions you’ve packed away and look at the experiences you have parked by the side of the road you’re travelling. It’s about trusting yourself to deal with the emotions and experiences knowing that they will not get the best of you again; they have taken a part of your life but with the help of a professional counsellor they will not take your future peace.

Our professional counsellors will walk beside you when you go back to visit those parked up experiences; or when you go to open the taped up boxes of emotions, and look at them with you. They will stand beside you, so that you won’t have to look at them on your own.

It can be scary to face feelings you’ve hidden away for such a long time; and only you will know when the behaviours you have put into place to stop you from thinking about those experiences and feelings are not working anymore. If you find that certain habits you have always had or things you have always done are not working the way they used to; if you find that even though you are physically exhausted by doing so many things, nothing is giving you that sense of achievement that you desire then, it’s time to give counselling a try.

Resilience Counselling Network is a nationwide counselling service offering one-to-one video counselling to men, women and children. Appointments are flexible; both daytime and evening appointments are available to suit your needs. Telephone counselling sessions are also available if you are not comfortable with modern technology. Contact us to book in your free consultation.

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